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Beviqui™ is the innovative portable drinking bowl that allows your dog to drink from any plastic bottle. Plug it to a water bottle, open the transparent cup, squeeze it and let the dog drink. Light, practical and hygienic. Hold it in your purse, in your pocket while you walk or leave it in your car to have it ready for your travels together!


Save space and make your pet travel with comfort with Noah™! Original, colourful and compact. Perfect for small animals up to 12 kg weight.  Noah™ is your perfect travel partner!

Puppy Bag ™

Combining fashion and functionality is now possible!

Puppy Bagis not just a bag for dogs, it is a real fashion accessory. Small, practical and glamorous, it will always let you carry around your pet with you.

Puppy- Bagaesthetic appeal is created by the mix of the stylish eco-leather together with the unique Italian design. A revolutionary way of walking with your little puppy, always ensuring direct contact between him and you.

Can you avert the temptation? 


Todolindo™  is the new and innovative disposable poop scoop to sweep up the dirt of our furry friends. Zero direct contact  with organic materials, extremely easy and intuitive to use, Todolindo™ helps to keep the environment and the sidewalks always clean.

We all love our dogs. We love them so much that we accept to clean their “smelly gifts” only with the help of an extremely thin plastic bag…for a very not pleasant extra sensorial experience. Not everyone can do it without feeling disgusted and, as a result, city streets often become real minefields.

Thanks to Todolindo™ being in charge of doing the “dirt-job” won’t be anymore embarrassing. Try the comfort of the hand grip and the elasticity of the material the plastic scoop is made of. Easy to carry, intuitive to use and the best hygienic solution available on the market!