Puppy Bag ™

Combining fashion and functionality is now possible!

Puppy Bagis not just a bag for dogs, it is a real fashion accessory. Small, practical and glamorous, it will always let you carry around your pet with you.

Puppy- Bagaesthetic appeal is created by the mix of the stylish eco-leather together with the unique Italian design. A revolutionary way of walking with your little puppy, always ensuring direct contact between him and you.

Can you avert the temptation? 

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Puppy Bag™

Puppy Bag™ : the trendiest accessory

Puppy Bag™ is the must-have accessory for the most fashionable and exclusive occasions together with your puppy or toy dog.

Designed exclusively for puppies and toy dogs,  Puppy Bag™ will be your indispensable and unique accessory.

Italian design, high quality materials and attractive style. Everyone will notice you and your puppy. e in touch with its owner is something special for a dog!

Carrying around our small friends in crowded environments can be dangerous and extremely stressful for them: Puppy Bag™ is the stylish and easy solution to assure safety, protection while being extremely fashionable.

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200 g


30*25 cm


Puppy Bag™ is available in three models , with different prints, with unique and trendy materials.
Model 1: handbag to carry in your hand , fashionable and comfortable.
Your style and your puppy in the palm of a hand .
Model 2: handbag with firm handle, comfortable and stylish . You will have your puppy always " at hand ".
Model 3: handbag with soft handle , It can be carried on the shoulder or hand. Always small and practical , perfect for those who like to choose different styles .


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